F Company (Fire Support) 1 Royal Welsh are playing their part in Operation Moshtarak. They were part of the combined force of over 1200 troops and conducted a helicopter Assault into an area west of Gorbay Noray. In the early hours of 13th February 2010 they landed in a wave of three Chinook helicopters close to their objective, several compounds and a bazaar either side of the main canal supplying the Nadi Ali District. For many of F Coy this is no different to any other Operation. They prepare for battle in just the same way and their drills are well practiced from previous operations. However the sheer scale of Moshtarak means there is an air of tension. Instead of a simple bus up to the flight line, there is a large set of marked off pens and hundreds of other troops all being directed into their lines waiting to board the helicopters. In addition they are sent off with bacon and sausage sandwiches and hot tea by the Quartermaster. The prevalent IED threat meant the most suitable landing sites for the helicopters were ploughed fields which meant extremely hard going through mud, ditches and water for the troops. The temperature dropped to near freezing and as dawn approached F Coy were still in the open and exposed to the Insurgent threat. However they kept pushing on successfully reached their objectives just after first light. As part of the campaign of engaging with the people of Afghanistan the compounds were taken over quietly and by negotiation. The compounds have been secured and fortified. Patrols are then sent out and the Afghan National Army (ANA) lead out a patrol to the Bazaar. The counter IED Team cleared the south side of the canal and was then ferried across the canal by dingy to start clearing the north side. They found and successfully detonated four IEDs in controlled explosions. There was a one small arms contact later in the day, but there were no injuries and for F Coy the day went smoothly. Major Richard Gregory, the Officer Com

Афганский саммит с московским акцентом


Фото: amazonaws.com

Афганистан: в России пройдет саммит афганских политиков.

Что произошло:

Пятого февраля Россия примет однодневный саммит, в котором примет участия делегация талибов* и афганских политических деятелей, включая бывшего президента Хамида Карзая, однако представители администрации президента Ашрафа Гани присутствовать не будут.

Почему это имеет значение:

Россия играет активную роль в афганском мирном процессе. Талибы по-прежнему не желают встречаться непосредственно с афганским правительством, что является фактором, задерживающим мирный процесс.


Ранее сообщалось, что в ходе отдельного раунда переговоров Соединенные Штаты и движение “Талибан” завершают работу над проектом мирного соглашения, результатом которого будет вывод американских войск из Афганистана и прекращение огня с движением “Талибан”. Однако точные сроки подписания не называются. Эксперты сомневаются, что стороны могут в ближайшее время найти вариант, который бы устроил всех.

*Талибан – запрещенная в России террористическая организация.


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