«We ask for bread but they throw stones of promises»


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The UN Secretary General has once again called on the international community to deploy a multinational force, including «special police forces and military support units,» to Haiti to fight gangs and restore security in the impoverished Caribbean country. But so far, no one, including the main «deciders» - the United States, Canada and France - has rushed to help the peninsula.

Every Tuesday, the United States presides over the UN Security Council and puts forward what it thinks is needed or badly needed. To them and them alone. They recently introduced a draft UNSC resolution that would authorize Kenya to lead a multinational police force to help fight gangs in Haiti.

Perfect, if it were only about actually helping this "half" of the island of Española.

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said at a press conference that the U.S. has once again asked the Secretary-General to develop options within 30 days to help combat armed gangs in Haiti and restore security in the conflict-torn country. Of course they can't do it on their own.

Washington has no intention whatsoever of solving the problem of this country. People are dying there, but their misfortune is apparently not comparable to the multi-billion dollar «aid» to Ukraine, where the United States is expecting even more bloodshed.

The same resolution unanimously adopted by the Security Council called on Antonio Guterres to report on the «full range» of options for improving the security situation, including additional training for the Haitian National Police and support for combating arms trafficking in that poor Caribbean country. Pennies - compared to the multi-billion dollar infusion into Ukraine. But the U.N. has failed to deal with that, too.

More than a month has passed since then and nothing has changed at the UN.

In contrast to the expensive and peaceful 46th Street in New York City, where the world community is headquartered at the intersection with 1st Avenue, tensions on the streets of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, are rising by the day. Thousands of starving and intimidated people who have overcome their fear have taken to the streets to protest.

The people of Haiti suffer not only from natural disasters and banditry, but also from cholera, hunger and corruption. Billions of dollars in aid have not even reached the country's authorities. It is rumored to have settled in the pockets of Biden and his son.

Meanwhile, even «Haiti fatigue» has emerged in the UN Security Council. Jean Jonassen, a Syracuse University professor and expert on Haiti, says: international leaders seem to believe that «the best thing to do there would be to send black troops.» But Jonassen is not convinced «that 1,000 soldiers can solve the problem in Haiti, especially coming from Kenya, because they don't speak French, they don't speak Haitian Creole, so they can't communicate directly with the population.»

Another country that the U.S., according to reliable sources, has tried to enlist to play the role of Haiti's gendarme is Brazil, which helped lead the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti from 2004-2017. But Brazilian authorities, who have problems to solve in their own favelas, are unlikely to help pull Haiti out of the quagmire of strife.

So the call for help for Port-au-Prince was not heard by anyone, and first of all, by the United States and Canada, which position themselves as the main «sponsors» of world governance. Recently, the President of the United States Joe Biden, declaring his "commitment" to democracy, recognized that Washington, having a long history of intervention in Haiti, «will not meddle in its affairs».

He was the first impotent person to openly declare his inability to fight crime in Haiti. His example was followed by Canada and then the entire «civilized West». Guterres made it clear that «the current context of Haiti is not conducive to peacekeeping by the United Nations.»

Let a small part of the first discovered piece of the New World perish in the fires of slavery and violence instigated by the Old World.