Valentin Katasonov: "Great America will end with Joe Biden"


- Valentin Yurievich, in one of your books you make an assumption that the Whore of Babylon described in the Revelation of John the Apostle is the USA, and that they do not have much time left, literally to reach 2030. What are the basic premises for such a prediction?

- According to Scripture, as we know, there can be no accurate predictions. Even Christ said: «No one knows about that day or hour, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father». That is why I did not make such precise predictions, even referring to the Holy Scriptures. Here we are talking about something else. Indeed, the Revelation says that our earthly world is finite. It was created by God, and there will come a moment when this earthly history will end — the alpha and omega of world history. This is a very serious metaphysical question that requires not minutes but hours. As for the date up to 2030, I took it from Jacques Attali’s book «A Brief History of the Future» (Jacques Attali — French economist, banker, writer and politician — Author.), which describes the possible development of events up to the middle of the XXI century and talks about five stages or waves.

The first wave is associated with the fact that the U.S., as a world superpower, will cease to exist no later than this decade. In the third chapter of «A Brief History of the Future» it is said that the turning point is likely to be 2025.

Jacques Attali has been asked: is this science fiction, utopia, dystopia, or some kind of academic study of a predictive nature? He replies: «No, it is a projection of the future». Apparently, he means that someone is trying to control the historical process and set some time limits. It is known that Jacques Attali is connected with the Rothschild family. It is not excluded that he voices its plans. As for the loss of the U.S. status of the world superpower, we see it today in many examples. About two years ago, a Mexican journalist asked Jacques Attali: «When will the first stage of what you describe in your book begin?» He replied, «It has already begun». Apparently, Attali was referring to the US elections (2020–2021), when Joe Biden was elected. And he is a man who destroys America, not builds it up. So it is not excluded that all this may happen in the near future.

By the way, the other day one of the predictions was voiced by the famous Colonel Douglas MacGregor — an American military analyst. This may be insider information or the result of his analytical fabrications. He made a very harsh conclusion that there will be no presidential election in America in 2024. Joe Biden is not fit to be president (it is already clear), and there are no real candidates for election from the Democratic Party. So Joe Biden will declare martial law. And if martial law is imposed, the election will be canceled and «banks in the United States may be shut down for three weeks». That’s the kind of apocalyptic scenario for America. So in 2024–2025. America may no longer be a great power.

Going back to the Revelation of John the Apostle: some consonance from it has reached every epoch. I wrote in the book about the Whore of Babylon — it is the 17th chapter of the Revelation. Indeed, there are many indications that the USA is that same Whore of Babylon. Some mystically inclined people refer to the American «sleeping prophet» Edgar Cayce, who lived in the first half of the last century. He said that the last American president would be the 44th. Today there is a debate about what number Joe Biden is listed under. Technically, he goes at №45. Trump was at №44.

When preparations were underway for the 2020 election, Trump’s campaign staff used this prophecy from Cayce. They said, «Guys, if there’s a 45, there will be no more America, so choose Trump, he’s still going to go at №44». Joe Biden turned out to be №45. They say it’s not a president, it’s a bummer. It’s clear that the great America will end with Joe Biden. That’s how I would describe America’s not-too-distant future. It may survive as a nation, but it will no longer be a great power.

- Klaus Schwab talks about the Great Reset by 2030. What role does the U.S. have in this story?

- I read Klaus Schwab’s book COVID-19: The Great Reset. It didn’t say anything about the role of the US. It talked about the need to build an inclusive capitalism, which implies the gradual abolition of states. The US is also a state. The ideologists of mondialism (global state) do not need nation-states, not even the USA. The USA is needed up to a certain point. It is a kind of spatial basis with the printing press of the Federal Reserve System, which imitates «green paper»; and there is the security of this very American dollar in the form of armed forces. Everyone is well aware that the security of the U.S. dollar is not gold, but military force. And if the world elite or, as I call them, «the masters of money», are close to the finish line, why do they need America, which has already fulfilled its role — «the Moor has done his job…»

- Analysts predict the transfer of world hegemony to China after the collapse of America. Do you agree with this statement? Why China? What could be Russia’s place in the new balance of power?

- Yes, some experts believe that China could replace the United States. But let’s return to Jacques Attali’s book «A Brief History of the Future»: he writes that after the first wave is over, the second wave begins — a struggle for the vacant superpower position. And he names two main competitors: Europe and China. Today it is hard to believe that Europe will be able to win this struggle. Some analysts believe that, yes, China is stronger than Europe and can defeat it and take the place of the United States.

But China today is like a colossus on clay feet. Let me draw a parallel. People of the middle generation remember the so-called Japanese economic miracle, when the world market was filled not with Chinese but with Japanese goods — cars, electronics, household appliances. Historians and economists define the period of the Japanese miracle as approximately 20–25 years. But this miracle began to decline in the second half of the 80s, when Japan was hit by a serious crisis, from which it has not been able to recover for three decades. And Japan’s rate of economic development over the past 30 years has been below the world average.

China’s economic miracle lasted 40 years, but it has already come to an end. Today China is facing a crisis in the real estate market, and the construction industry, which by some estimates generates 30% of GDP, is in a dire situation. China will not be able to get out of the impending crisis. Many observers draw a parallel not even with Japan, but with the United States. Everyone remembers the global financial crisis of 2008–2009. It started, by the way, with the mortgage crisis in the U.S. in 2007, which is very similar to the current Chinese real estate market crisis. Then it turned into a global financial crisis, and now many people fear that the situation in China could turn into a much more serious economic crisis. So I think China will not be able to take the place of the United States.

By the way, Jacques Attali in his book «A Brief History of the Future» states that in the second stage there will be a competitive struggle between Europe and China, and neither side will be able to win in this fight, i.e. the vacant place will not be occupied. There will actually be a polycentric model of the world.

To be continued.