Valentin Katasonov: "According to Kissinger's forecast, there will be no Israel".


GEOFOR interlocutor — professor, doctor of economic sciences, writer — about what awaits the world and America until 2030: the banking crisis, the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano, grandiose chaos

How can the Middle East crisis affect the situation in the world economy and foreign policy vectors of development?

- It is such a crisis that at any moment it may require an explanation of the Revelation of John the Apostle, so serious is it, especially considering that Israel has nuclear weapons.

What started a month and a half ago on the Gaza-Israel border is a planned provocation, not a Hamas initiative. To be more precise, the people who carried out this special operation were simply covering themselves as Hamas, carrying out a task from the highest level (the world backstage or «Deep state» — the main shareholders of the Fed, whom I call «the masters of money»). This is world chaos.

COVID-19 is also part of the plan to create world chaos. Taiwan is potentially world chaos. I think Israel will just be a bargaining chip in this case. Because in September 2013, Henry Kissinger said that Israel has exactly 10 years to live. And Kissinger is a very informed politician. It is hard to imagine a more serious expert on the Middle East. He is a diplomat and could have said more gently that «there is a possibility, a threat». No, he cut off: «Israel has 10 years to live in the world». I was offended by this, and I started consulting Middle East specialists. They said to me: «An old man in his 90s, what do you want?». But today everyone remembers those words and realizes that this is probably how it will be. It is just another point where the world chaos is generated. There are many such points in the world today. And it is hard to say how it will end. Only God alone knows.

Any kind of sabotage can happen there. Blowing up the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then the whole Muslim world will explode — it is a holy place for them. All this fits into the Revelation of John the Apostle: chaos will be sown, uncertainty and fears will grow among people. This is well described in Dostoevsky’s novel «The Brothers Karamazov» in the legend of the «Grand Inquisitor» — a clue to understanding what is happening today. Or «Crime and Punishment» — Raskolnikov’s last dream, where just goes the description of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are all links in the same chain, not random events.

- There are more and more frequent statements that the U.S. may go to war with Russia in 2024. In your opinion, is this a real threat?

- This is blackmail, insanity. The above-mentioned American Colonel MacGregor said: the Special military operation in Ukraine has shown that we need to reconcile with Russia sooner rather than later. We must urgently stop this war in Ukraine because it could escalate into more dangerous forms — going beyond Ukraine and even Europe. That, in addition to conventional weapons, weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear ones, could be used. It can be even more terrible than the use of nuclear weapons — to release all the pathogens that have been and are being developed in the Pentagon’s biolaboratories (outside the Pentagon itself). In such a situation, Americans would also die.

The awakening volcano in the Yellowstone National Park in the United States is now being recalled. Americans are terrified of it. If it reaches full capacity, half of America will be swept away. People say it’s a natural process, independent of man.

But in Turkey, I was told that the earthquake that occurred there raises great doubts about its naturalness. There are serious facts saying that someone was able to detonate this earthquake. And the Yellowstone volcano can also be mined and provoke an eruption. In general, Americans feel very uncomfortable.

There is an interesting statistic: the inflow of migrants to the US used to exceed the outflow. Now it’s the opposite: migration statistics say that Americans are going to flee. Where to? They say it’s New Zealand or Australia. They’re supposedly building special bunkers for escapees there.

- What important events in American life took place in the past year, and what do you predict for the next, pre-election year in the United States?

- The collapse of several banks in March this year. Including Silicon Valley Bank, which is one of the top 20. It scared a lot of people at the time. I was seriously involved in this issue. A lot of money has been thrown at bailing out the banks, but it is not enough; a very serious banking crisis could erupt at any moment. MacGregor’s prediction that commercial bank operations could be halted for three weeks, where did he get that from? MacGregor is a military man and doesn’t understand economics: why three weeks? I have a suspicion that he has a source of insider information. That is, someone may have triggered the banking crisis on purpose. Many people think that a crisis is a storm that comes unexpectedly, but it is not. Of course, the storm must come. But the main owners of money do not wait for it to happen by itself, they put their finger on this unstable debt pyramid and it collapses. Only they know when this collapse will happen. They prepare for it in advance and, at least, they insure themselves against losses. And, moreover, they make money on it. Only a few people know about it, the rest are losers. So the banking crisis, the banking collapse of March 2023 is certainly a wake-up call that the U.S. banking system could collapse at any moment.

And for next year, I trust MacGregor’s predictions that there will be a real mess of some sort. It will be followed by a state of emergency and, consequently, the presidential election will be canceled. And the next thing you know, according to Jacques Attali. America will start fighting, people will start killing each other. I think that’s why the migration statistics are so high. People smell something hot. And earlier people were eager to go to America — the promised land.

Today they want to go to Russia. Russia turns out to be one of the most stable places on the globe. Today there are many forecasts about global warming, the level of the world ocean will start to rise. It will indeed begin, but not as a result of warming and the alleged increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. There are large cycles of sea level change. This means that London, Shanghai, the most important cities of both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States could be under water. In this sense, Russia is much more protected territory. That is why all sorts of Teutons, Anglo-Saxons and others like them have been annoying Russia for many centuries.