Vladimir Rogov: "Ukraine is from the word 'steal'. That's what their oligarchs say"



- IAEA states: «ZNPP lost connection with the main power line today, thus forcing it to use backup power supply to cool the reactor», meaning that the threat of nuclear disaster due to Ukraine’s actions remains. In your opinion, will Ukraine cross the «red line» or is this the usual nuclear blackmail?

- Ukraine is happy to cross this «red line». It is trying in every possible way to do so, but the valiant Russian army, the Rosgvardia, and other units that provide security at and around the nuclear plant, including biological and chemical defense troops, which are present there in sufficient numbers, do not allow it to take this step. There is round-the-clock monitoring not only at the plant itself, but also along its perimeter and beyond. The level of radiation in the water and in the air becomes known in seconds, and data on this is regularly sent to all sorts of organizations — first of all, to the IAEA.

Regarding power line losses. This is an eternal problem. This is the direction the Zelensky regime has chosen as the main one in its nuclear terrorism (nuclear blackmail). A telling point here is that when the nuclear power plant was still operating, the UAF fighters started hitting the power lines. There are several super powerful lines there, reaching up to 750 kV. Everything was done to make the NPP dependent on an external factor, whether it was the supply of energy or sending this energy from the NPP when it was still working and generating it.

That’s why events like disconnecting the NPP from power lines and finding ways to dump or obtain that energy is a regular problem. The UAF militants have learned to hit power lines point by point just to create an emergency or pre-emergency situation, so that it affects the power unit itself, its safety, the energy supply system of the region (Kherson region, etc. in general) with the liberated part of Zaporozhye region.

#StopUkrainianNuclearTerrorism is a phrase that has been used quite often, including by English-speaking people who closely monitor what is happening on the territory of the nuclear power plant.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that there has been a switch to a reserve fuel supply and a diesel generator has been started. They are enormous in comparison with ordinary ones and are started by an automatic machine in case of some emergency situation or in case the NPP is disconnected from the outer perimeter. When this happens, the automatics are immediately triggered. In addition, there are also people who act responsibly and back up any automatics.

- What forecast do you give for the coming winter?

- Forecasts are a thankless business. If we talk about the forecast, we should understand that both we and the enemy have learned to stand quite well in defense. The enemy’s offensive performance is really bad, thank God! Unfortunately, we are not perfect either, because modern methods of defeat — minefields, kamikaze drone strikes, reconnaissance means — make us very vulnerable from the point of view of the offensive, which must be accompanied by colossal fire support, primarily artillery and aviation, with undermining and breaking the foundations of the regime operating in the occupied part of the South Russian lands. That is, we are talking about the emergence of a revolutionary or pre-revolutionary situation. Then it will be much easier, clearer, more accessible and effective to act. Because just to attack is not the goal. We need to attack with minimal losses of our guys, saving the lives of each of them, realizing perfectly well that these are the people who will still be restoring peaceful life in the post-Ukrainian space.

- Ukraine and Belarus, two brotherly Slavic republics that suffered greatly in WWII, took diametrically opposite directions towards Russia after the collapse of the USSR — centrifugal and centripetal. Why?

- Belarus was lucky to have a national leader, Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, who clearly opposed national and marginal separatism. He advocated closeness with Russia as our ancestral common land. It is impossible to separate Minsk, Kiev and Moscow from each other. This is all a single space of the Russian world, no matter how all sorts of devils of the Western world try to spoil it all, to replace it with myths, false throw-ins or other false inputs.

We see how history was rewritten from scratch. The political will of the people living in Belarus was expressed stronger and brighter than the people living in the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, because the South Russian people turned out to be less united, more depressed by the destruction of the united state, people were upset and discouraged.

I remember the beginning of the 90s, when people did not know what to do and how to do it, they were dumbfounded by those manifestations of separatism, which was realized through the so-called independence. In Belarus, the desire of people to live in a united Union State, in a common space with Russia was clearly and vividly expressed. They were more organized, so the results are obvious. Fatherland — Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko — is a right-thinking person who understands perfectly well that the economic and, moreover, geopolitical civilizational basis of Belarus can only be together with Russia. And the post-Ukrainian space, where a new ideology (Ukraine — from the word «ukrast’» (steal) ) was built. I am not trying to exaggerate. I have heard this expression more than once from the mouths of major Ukrainian oligarchs and top-level officials. We see that it is impossible to build an ideology based on the principle of «stealing». You can — for a short period of time, but when the opportunity to steal something ends, the empire of stealing begins anew, i.e. redistribution of those assets that have already been stolen. But all this ends with dismantling the remnants of any statehood and turning this territory into a buffer, gray zone, a territory that the West can use for the implementation of new technologies of destruction and new types of weapons, which started even before the special military operation.