Migration issue could finally mess up the United States



On December 5, patrols on watch at the southwest border separating the United States and Mexico apprehended 10,400 migrants trying to illegally enter the territory of their northern neighbor. On Dec. 6, the total number of people arrested was down to just over 8,000. However, at the end of two days, the «catch» amounted to about 19,000 Hispanic migrants eager to settle in the United States, who had neither a work invitation nor a visitor’s visa.

Statistics show that in fiscal year 2023 (not the same as the calendar year), law enforcement released from detention 908,788 newcomers apprehended by Border Patrol agents at the Southwest border. That category also includes 442,000 illegal immigrants apprehended between May 1 and Sept. 30.

Andrew Arthur, an expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, released an analysis of the situation on Oct. 30 in which he cited the following data: the Biden administration applied the «parole» provision to 221,000 citizens of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and did not use the right of deportation for another 226,000 illegals who were given the opportunity to justify their entry into a foreign country.

If these «newcomers» are added to the 908,788 released migrants who were intercepted while illegally crossing the Mexican-American border, the total number of uninvited guests, Andrew Arthur writes, reaches nearly 1.4 million. By national composition, the flow of illegals is dominated by citizens of Mexico, as well as the countries of the so-called Central American triangle — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Native Americans will have to make room for the 1,376,823 new arrivals.

«That’s more people than live in seven different U.S. states, or slightly less than the population of Dallas, Texas (1,400,337), the ninth largest city in the United States», comments Andrew Arthur.

«Few if any, the expert continues, have health insurance, and it’s questionable how many of them (1) have had the benefit of a formal education; (2) possess high-level job skills; or (3) have family in the United States who can provide for them».

For a significant proportion of the Latino arrivals, the final stop was New York City, which quickly began to suffer from overcrowding. There were not enough places for all the migrants in hostels and neighborhood motels. The sight of suffering homeless people sleeping in cardboard boxes or sleeping bags right on the sidewalk became commonplace. As a consequence, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a member of the Democratic Party, announced a 5% cut in the budget of all city services to use the freed-up money to house uninvited newcomers.

Not surprisingly, the Democratic mayor’s approval rating has slipped. A Quinnipiac University poll of registered New York City voters (the first was conducted in 1996) showed that only 28% approve of Adams’ performance as mayor. Thus Adams broke the anti-record of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who in July 2003 enjoyed the confidence of only 31% of New Yorkers.

Mayor Adams can not pick up arguments to defend himself, as he admitted: the deficit of the city budget due to additional spending on migrants amounted to more than $ 7 billion, and by the end of next year will reach $ 12 billion.

During a hearing before the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Management and Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives, Bruce Blakeman, a Republican official representing Nassau County in New York State, described the steady increase in crime associated with the influx of illegals. These migrants regularly commit burglary & shoplifting.

The reason for this is their obligations to the Mexican drug cartels, who helped smuggle them into the United States. Bruce Blakeman referred to the information of law enforcement officials: at the end of 2021 drug cartels have put a record $13 billion dollars in their pockets and the same amount next year just on smuggled imports of «live goods» into the United States. Illegals, said Bruce Blakeman, «came here owing the cartels a lot of money for transporting them across the border, and if they don’t pay it, as I’ve been told, their families will be seriously harmed unless they are simply killed in their home countries».

The crime situation in New York State is worsening, and the reason for this is the illegals: they are gathering in «organized gangs that are part of the drug cartels from Mexico and other countries», Bruce Blakeman stressed.

In addition, drug lords can easily recruit loyal servants among those who are owed to them, who obey all instructions — transporters and/or distributors of dope. In this regard, Blakeman recalled fentanyl, which is primarily imported across the southern border.

From 2016 to 2021, the U.S. overdose death rate related to the opioid fentanyl has nearly quadrupled. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are facing a massive opioid epidemic that claims nearly 100,000 lives each year, with the highest death rates among those ages 25–31 and 35–44.

The Republican official also outlined other facts: every month, the Biden administration, he said, «releases» more than 60,000 illegals into the interior, though little is known about their nationality, whereabouts or whether they eventually qualify for asylum in the United States.

Wisconsin’s senior senator, Ron Johnson, clearly a Republican, said recently that he estimates the Biden administration has allowed some six million illegals to settle in the country in less than three years.

Montana Senator Steve Daines, for his part, claims that funds earmarked for health care for veterans of various wars (Veterans Affairs system) are being diverted to medical care for illegal immigrants. Biden, as Senator Daines stated, «puts illegal immigrants first and our veterans last». Every year, the senator assures, American taxpayers are forced to subsidize $18.5 billion worth of health care for illegals.

The problem, dubbed the «border disaster», is not of purely academic interest because it «continues to take resources away from Americans and legal immigrants and hand them to people who have broken the law to enter the country illegally», former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote in an angry essay.

Gingrich, known for his conservative views, sees what’s happening as a far-reaching plan of the Democrats, as everything leads to increased «government spending and redistribution of resources». The goal is to generate voters from naturalized poor immigrants, who will be financially and materially dependent on the mercy of the government and therefore vote for those who will turn into benefactors for them. The Democrats intend to appear as benefactors.

Newt Gingrich is determined, and therefore insists that one should not discuss the current illegal immigration mess «without naming its architect», and that architect is none other than the current president. He offers a denunciatory and purely propagandistic formula: «people who cross the border illegally are Biden’s illegal immigrants». And so the «border disaster» should be «the top issue in the 2024 election at all levels».

The statement made in December by the professional Russophobe, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, was also unexpected. It is worth recalling that this ideological twin of John McCain called for the physical elimination of the Russian president in 2022, and recently made a cannibalistic statement: financing the Kiev regime is «the best investment in the history of the United States, (leading) to the death of Russians».

In early December, Graham suddenly went into reverse: no more aid to Ukraine on the same scale, «until the U.S. can secure the borders».

Republicans were virtually united in opposing the U.S. Congress’ approval of new appropriations to wage war against Russia with Ukrainian mercenary forces until the Biden administration «changes its approach to securing the southern border», which translates into everyday language as «until they put up a roadblock to uninvited guests from the South.»

This is already an alarm bell. The theme of the wave-like and unrestrained influx of illegal immigrants into the vicinity of, as Ronald Reagan liked to put it, «The shining city upon a hill» overshadows in importance the war against Russia waged by the two Anglo-Saxon empires. And that’s because the top of the risk hierarchy has changed. Analysts at the Committee on Homeland Security extrapolated the current costs of education, health care, law enforcement and other services for new immigrants — and came to the conclusion: taxpayers, read — ordinary Americans, will have to fill the treasury an additional $ 451 billion dollars a year!

Quantity, as usual, turned into quality and demanded organizational conclusions and manual control. An official statement issued Sunday, Dec. 17, said, «Beginning December 18, 2023, at 8:00 AM local time, CBP’s Office of Field Operations will temporarily suspend operations at the international railway crossing bridges in Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas in order to redirect personnel to assist the U.S. Border Patrol with taking migrants into custody».

“Temporary suspension of operations” doesn’t even sound like a palliative solution to the uncontrolled influx of illegals. It looks like Newt Gingrich will prove to be the prophet who predicted before anyone else that illegal immigration would dominate the rallies and battles between White House contenders in the presidential election marathon that has begun.

By the way

The other day, and not incidentally, there was a scandalous story about Boston Mayor Mrs. Michelle Wu, a Democrat, who announced her intention to hold a Christmas party for all members of the city government except for «whites» («no whites» Christmas Party). By the way, there are, as the New York Post reported, «six minority members and seven white members» in the municipal government.

What is this but separation by skin color and ancestry? What is this but segregation in reverse? Advocates of multiculturalism, tolerance and political correctness must be resting.