White House: 'Put up or shut up'


Tom Brenner / Pool

Statistics that demonstrate the erosion of traditional electoral base have become a headache for the Obama-Clinton-Biden administration. In the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, employers laid off more than 22 million people. The «shutdown», that in some cases led to the ruin of medium- and small-sized businesses, hit primarily low- and unskilled workers.

After overcoming the health effects of the quietly deflated Сovid, the Biden administration created 10.8 million jobs with an injection of $82 billion in strategic investment. However, economist Robert Pollin argues that 61% of the jobs brought to market by the Biden Infrastructure Act do not require a college degree.

Still, the beneficence associated with the federal government should, in theory, have swayed voter sympathy toward Joe Biden, the personification of the Democratic Party’s «mind, honor and conscience». It would seem that a steady job, wealth, the ability to support yourself and your family, to enjoy stability, to plan for the future serve as a strong argument in favor of the Democrats.

A recent NBC poll came as a shock to the White House: the working class trusts the previous president more in matters of social and economic policy. The difference in favorability between Trump and Biden was 22%, the largest gap in the history of NBC’s polls, which have been conducted since 1992.

Political scientist Matthew Goodwin offers an explanation for this phenomenon: educated and less educated citizens have fundamentally different life values. The New York Times interprets this as «the former are by nature cosmopolitan progressives, while the latter are traditionalist patriots who rely on faith, family, and state». Goodwin believes that «the more educated voices drown out less educated voices, thanks to their dominance in universities and the media, the arts, non-profit organizations, and the bureaucracy».

As a consequence, «Less-educated voters feel unheard and unseen». This trend does not bode well for the ruling neo-globalization clans that now control the Donkey Party. According to political scientist Zach Goldberg, Americans with college degrees and liberal views «will continue to remake the Democratic Party in its own image», and soon it will be steered by liberal college-educated whites.

No matter how skeptical one may be about the likelihood of America «splitting» along party lines, it is already happening. As early as 2022, 550,000 residents left New York, a Democratic stronghold, because of the humanitarian crisis associated with the influx of immigrants, and possibly also because of the imposition of liberal orthodoxy, in particular the gender agenda. Among them are quite wealthy «masters of life»: 1,500 people earning more than 25 million dollars a year. 158 companies with a capitalization of 1 trillion dollars left the metropolis. The outflow of business has begun. Many are moving to the reserve of conservatives — in the state of Florida.

In September 2023, Fox TV pointed out a disturbing trend for Democrats: Hispanics, among whom 65% voted for Biden in the 2020 election, are leaving them. Three years later, according to the poll, the share of Hispanic voters, those who sympathize with Democrats, has dropped to 50–40%.

A commentator on Fox TV, which expresses more of the views of conservative, mostly rational America, concluded, «This polling destroys the media narrative that Republicans are a racist party. It debunks Democrats’ Great Replacement theory, which posits that America’s increasing number of minorities and immigrants will inevitably generate an enduring Democrat majority». Today, renegades among «Latinos» are once again favoring Republicans.

The bad news for the Obama-Clinton-Biden clan does not end there. Other ethnic minorities seem to have questioned the righteousness of the Democrats as well. The cooling of this long-romantic relationship is due to the neoliberal nomenclature’s obsession with promoting woke culture, gender identity (this is repugnant to many Latinos raised in Catholic traditions of honoring the family), and a campaign of vilification of Trump as an super-villain.

In a policy brief on the 2020 election, the authors, recruited from three think tanks and lobbying organizations serving Democrats, namely Third Way, the Political Action committee (PAC), and the Latino Victory Fund, found a shift in minority sentiment that did not please them.

«Latinos» in Texas and Florida, African Americans in North Carolina, and Asian voters in California were greatly disappointed that Democrats promised nothing concrete to improve their financial and economic situation, ignored questions about the state and prospects of the national economy, and instead leaned too heavily on ‘anti-Trump’ rhetoric.

The government’s economic course, dubbed ‘bidenomics’ along the lines of ‘Reaganomics’, has been justifiably criticized for its dismal interim results. It is recalled that in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan’s team curbed inflation by deregulating the economy, cutting taxes and government spending, and ensured sustainable growth, including welfare. Incomes, and thus living standards, rose by 14.3% for every household.

Under the Reagan administration, according to the Washington Times, «families gained financial freedom and therefore could buy homes, pay for everyday necessities, and use the remaining money to save and invest in the stock market».

«Bidenomics» is a different story. As the aforementioned metropolitan newspaper points out, this policy is «characterized by rising inflation caused by reckless spending, increased government bureaucracy and higher taxes, all of which stifle economic growth and reduce economic opportunities».

The statistics prove it: rents have risen more than 20 percent during the Biden administration, and owning a home (an indispensable element of the «American dream») has become a pipe dream for many because of the spike in interest rates and ballooning mortgage costs.

It took the Obama-Clinton-Biden administration a long time to realize that for voters, domestic matters — paying the mortgage and education loans, filling the grocery basket, and safety when they leave the house — are far more important than financing color revolutions and reproducing agents of influence around the world.

Not surprisingly, a fresh ABC News/Ipsos survey of public sentiment found that 86% — the overwhelming majority of American voters — view 81-year-old President Joe Biden as “elderly,” unqualified to run for a second term because of his advanced age.

At the same time, 62% of respondents deny this right to 77-year-old former President Donald Trump, apparently believing that the U.S. deserves something better than gerontocracy, which in the case of these two characters does not prove its strong physical endurance and intellectual potential.

Nate Silver, creator of 538, a website dedicated to analyzing public opinion polls in the US, published a lengthy article explaining why Biden has lost the advantage he had over Trump a year ago. Now, Silver argues, «it’s time for the White House to put up or shut up». Biden’s team is unlikely to take this bold advice. The main pre-election maneuvers and clashes are yet to come.