An assassination attempt on Trump - is it possible?



The clan of neoliberals who bet on the 81-year-old, highly experienced but self-destructive Joe Biden is in despair over failed attempts to jettison the revenge-hungry Donald Trump. The election marathon’s culmination on Nov. 5 is just over seven months away. And the winds of change in voter sentiment are filling the rival’s sails, while their protégé’s sails have lost strength.

«It’s time to panic», as «(Joe Biden’s) campaign is ‘in trouble’», writes Tyler Burden on the Zero Hedge weblog. The author addresses his conclusion to the Democrats and plays on the word «time» in the name of the leading weekly Time (TIME To Panic: Joe Biden’s Campaign «In Trouble»). The magazine took the liberty of summarizing all the negative factors undermining Joe Biden’s re-election chances:

«Voters express concerns about his policies, his leadership, his age, and his competency. The coalition that carried Biden to victory in 2020 has splintered; the Democrats’ historic advantage with Black, Latino, and Asian American voters has dwindled to lows not seen since the civil rights movement».

The most disturbing trend for Democrats is the spillover of African-Americans into the Republican camp. While Joe Biden won the votes of 87% of black America in the 2020 election, support has now dwindled to 63%. While two out of three Hispanic voters chose the Democratic candidate that year, now most of the “Latinos” have switched to the Republicans. Among Middle Eastern immigrants and devout Muslims, Biden’s star sunk after his government supported arms shipments to Israel to continue the cleansing of the Gaza Strip of Hamas militants.

The Biden administration is reaping «grapes of wrath» across the political spectrum and in all sectors of society also because it has overridden every executive order issued by President Trump regarding uncontrolled immigration, thereby contributing to the invasion of illegals across the southern border.

During the first three years of the Obama-Clinton-Biden administration, according to various reports, the U.S. population was swollen by between 7 and 10 million illegal immigrants, which overburdened the budgets of cities and entire states, which were forced to cut many expenditures intended mainly for the social support of Native Americans. This could not but affect the confidence of the “nuclear” electorate, both Republicans and Democrats, in the executive and partially legislative branches of government, which is also projected on the incumbent, who is running for re-election, but who is stumbling and saying hello to the void.

As a consequence, according to the latest ActiVote poll, the gap in voter loyalty between Trump and Biden is no longer four but six percent (53% vs. 47%).

The split within the Democrats is also becoming a stark illustration of the spreading panic. Evidence of former US President Barack Obama’s extreme frustration with the way the election campaign is going was evident in his verdict on his former vice president:

«Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up».

An additional bonus for the Reds (Republicans): the charismatic billionaire Elon Musk, the master of technological revolutions, who freed Twitter from liberal censorship, was already openly on their side. Since the Democrats («blue») are conducting a witch hunt, and he is considered one of the dangerous witches, suspected of hidden sympathies for China and Russia, Musk directly says that he would like to witness a «red wave» in the elections, which would wash away his Democratic foes.

In short, if we use Zero Hedge’s expression, Biden is “in trouble». It was not possible to get rid of Trump by legal means. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that individual state courts have «no Roman right» to remove a Republican candidate from the presidential marathon, since this is a federal procedure. Federal entities are not allowed to interfere with it.

What kind of counter-play can the Blues offer? Raise the stakes. If it is impossible to win fairly, then there is an option… to play dirty.

The propaganda and psychological treatment of citizens seems to have already begun, to accustom them to accept the unthinkable: the physical elimination of an outsider, a defiant parvenu who has not received the blessing of the neoliberal “deep state”.

Seizing on Trump’s words at an Ohio rally that he would not liken himself to the first U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln, who was shot and killed by actor John Booth, former host of the bellicose neoliberal MSNBC Keith Olbermann commented ominously, «There’s always hope».

Democrat Katie Porter, who sits in the House of Representatives, unashamedly mused on her blog:

«Soon Trump will lose, or go to jail, or, I don’t know, he’ll have a heart attack. I don’t know what will it be, but he’s going to have his demise».

Another Democratic congressman, Dan Goldman, in an interview with legendary storyteller Jen Psaki, bluntly and offhandedly declared, without the slightest embarrassment, that Trump should be «eliminated».

Empty threats? One might dismiss public calls for the assassination of an inconvenient opponent if not for the exceptionally rich record of political assassinations and assassination attempts that has marked the history of this still-young nation.

The list of first (and second) persons of state who left this world at the will of a hired assassin is impressive. After the founding father Lincoln, the 20th President of the USA James Abram Garfield, the 25th President of the USA William McKinley, the 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy were assassinated. His brother Robert, who attempted to take the White House chair five years later, was also, as Democrat Goldman puts it, «eliminated».

The register includes failed assassination attempts on other top leaders of the country created by adventurous immigrants: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump has escaped inclusion in the martyrology. But! On June 18, 2016, at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Michael Steven Sandford, a British citizen, attempted to snatch a gun from a police officer in order, according to his confession, to assassinate Trump. The attempt was not successful. The court found that there was … «disorderly conduct». It turned out that Sandford was a registered mental patient. After 11 months in custody, he was deported to Britain.

What is important in this context is that there was a precedent, which means someone «can do it again».

In March, news broke that Florida law enforcement officials were searching for Majid Farahani, an «Iranian spy» who intended to take revenge on prominent officials in Trump’s inner circle (who knows, maybe even the former president himself) who were involved in the assassination of legendary General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the al-Quds special unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The FBI claimed that Farahani was involved in recruiting the perpetrators of the attack.

The Persian terrorist scenario is favorable to the Democrats for many reasons. As Igor Pshenichnikov rightly points out on the page of the Tsargrad news channel, «If we look at the situation from the height of geopolitics, Iran’s special operation on U.S. territory against a presidential candidate is a casus belli in U.S. relations with Iran. After Trump’s funeral, Washington may strike Iran, a move that Israel is looking forward to».

A single shot can destroy the hated arch-villain Trump, ensuring the re-election of the «battery-powered grandfather», and at the same time provide a convincing pretext for launching a new round of the alleged “war on terror».

It seems that in the camp of Republicans and their sympathizers, particularly in military circles, the likelihood that Biden’s Democrats will be willing to take this mortal sin on their souls is considered high. That’s what likely prompted a group of multi-star retirees to send a request to the Supreme Court to question the legitimacy of the Commander-in-Chief, i.e., Joe Biden’s, order to eliminate political opponents.

Among the signatories are titled individuals: General William Gerald Boykin, US Deputy Defense Secretary who supervised intelligence during Jimmy Carter’s presidency, and General Keith Kellogg, former commander of special operations units in Europe.

It is possible that the Trumpists are ahead of the curve, indicating in advance where they can expect a traitorous strike. This is how Elena Panina, director of the Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies (RUSSTRAT), sees the situation:

«In their own way, a stunning collective request has been filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by former high-ranking military officials. They ask to explain to them, just in case: will the order of the President of the United States, given to the SEAL Team 6, which is under his direct command, to kill a political opponent, be considered legal? Because, you know, we have doubts».

In the olden days during the reign of Louis XIV, a Latin phrase was embossed on cannons at the behest of Cardinal Richelieu: Ultima ratio regis — «The king’s last argument». It is doubtful that the Obama-Clinton-Biden clan would dare to order the physical elimination of Donald Trump as a «final argument». Nevertheless, as the French say, «You never know the last word of fate» (On ne sait jamais le dernier mot du sort).