"Havana Syndrome" was invented by Americans. And it hurts them too


After years of investigation, the U.S. intelligence community has come to the conclusion about the “very unlikely” trace of Moscow in the mysterious illness of U.S. intelligence officers working abroad

In 2016, CIA employees working at the U.S. Embassy in Havana reported that they constantly feel severe fatigue, sudden headaches, hearing and vision loss, nausea, they also have impaired balance. The «clean» staff of the diplomatic mission were somehow unaffected by these ailments.

Medical examinations led to nothing, some of them were found to have mild traumatic brain damage, as well as problems with the central nervous system.

Over the next six years, the same or nearly the same symptoms were found in another 200 CIA employees at U.S. embassies in Russia, China, Vietnam, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Germany, Serbia, as well as agents returning to the U.S.

In 2020, scientists at the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine named directed radiofrequency radiation as the main cause of Havana Syndrome. However, the scientists admitted that other factors, such as chronic diseases, could have been responsible for some cases of Havana Syndrome.

The United States officially called it a «health incident».

However, many victims have indicated that they were victims of a deliberate attack by Russia or another hostile state. But that claim contradicts a 2023 U.S. intelligence community report.

«The mysterious illness Havana Syndrome was not the result of a foreign adversary», according to the intelligence report, The Washington Post noted. The report «refutes the long-contested theory that hundreds of U.S. service members were targeted by a covert enemy using energy waves as a weapon».

The new intelligence assessment, released in recent days, concludes a years-long effort by the CIA and several other U.S. intelligence agencies to explain why diplomats, and indeed intelligence officers serving in U.S. missions around the world, were exposed to «strange and painful acoustic sensations».

Analysts from seven intelligence agencies (unfortunately, it is not specified which ones) analyzed about 1,000 cases of «abnormal health incidents» on every continent except Antarctica.

As a result, two agencies identified as «unlikely» and five as «very unlikely» the targeted involvement of a foreign adversary (a transparent allusion to Russia) «using directed energy weapons, or a byproduct of some other activity, including electronic surveillance, that could inadvertently cause such illness».

Officials said that when analysts examined clusters of reported cases, including at U.S. embassies, they found no pattern or common set of conditions that could link individual cases. They also found no evidence, including forensic information or geolocation data, that would indicate an adversary used a form of directed energy such as radio waves or ultrasonic beams.

«There was nothing», The Washington Post quoted an anonymous official as saying. — «There was no intelligence that foreign leaders, including in Russia, knew about the attack on U.S. personnel or authorized it, and were in a position to explain the symptoms».

The Wall Street Journal has already stated that there are no reports that Russia has used a new type of energy weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine.

CIA Director William J. Burns said analysts conducted «one of the largest and most intensive investigations in the history of the Agency. Me and my leadership team strongly support the work done and the results obtained».

The U.S. State Department also confirmed a 2023 intelligence assessment that concluded it was «very unlikely» that a foreign adversary was responsible for cases of Havana Syndrome.

Havana and Moscow have denied reports of involvement in the mysterious disease.

So why has the U.S. intelligence community, which has long accused Russia of involvement in this mysterious process, now also at the governmental level disavowed Havana Syndrome?

The answer is simple: to deflect suspicion that this is their experiment, which was conducted on their own citizens in tests of other non-lethal weapons.

In this case, we are talking about directed energy and acoustic weapons, which are also called «the beginning of the next generation of warfare».

The U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) claims that directed energy weapons can inflict physical damage that «degrades, neutralizes, defeats, or destroys the capabilities of an enemy».

In turn, the U.S. Navy is working on a non-lethal weapon that would take away a person’s ability to communicate. The Acoustic Hailing and Disruption (AHAD) portable system is the latest non-lethal weapon with optical interference that can induce vomiting and even hallucinations.

Doesn’t this sound like signs of «Havana Syndrome» recorded since 2016 in US intelligence officials?

According to various reports, the Pentagon has been working hard on these weapons as one of its priorities for the past three years and «spends about $1 billion annually on research and development» of these devices. Of course, someone has to be tested on how these funds are used.