Rebels in Oregon Want a Divorce from Liberals


In 13 counties in the state of Oregon, field and farm workers, used to earning their living in salt-and-sweat-soaked cowboy shirts, God-fearing and law-abiding, have decided that they would be better off under the jurisdiction of the neighboring state of Idaho. Why?

Redneck farmers decided they had had enough. They were fed up with the neoliberally novelties imposed by the state authorities, such as the presumption of guilt of all whites for the sins of their ancestors — for slavery in the 19th century; the classification of 72 genders; hiring quotas favoring national minorities; restrictions on the use of fossil fuels; and finally, the legalization of drug use.

Four years ago, Oregon’s ruling liberal Democrats pioneered the process of drug legalization. In November 2020, they adopted the so-called «Measure 110», which legalized not only conditionally light narcotic substances such as cannabis but also hard ones, including opioids. The authorities cited the need to relieve local prisons of more dangerous criminals and promised to take care of drug addicts. It was assumed that revenues from the cannabis tax would fund addiction treatment centers. But, as usual, something went wrong — very wrong.

The consequences were not long in coming. On the internet, you can find many video clips filmed on the streets of the capital, Portland, showing insane people wandering around, as if taken from the background of a horror movie about zombies. In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, Julia McConnell, a Portland resident, explained the reason for her disappointment with the changes: “You can’t run a business when people are defecating on your porch or when they are doing drugs in your entrance». Statistics show that in three years, the number of deaths from overdoses of freely available drugs increased by 190%.

Julia McConnell summarizes all the signs of the “brave new world” that has come under the liberals in power:

«Portland’s neighborhoods suffer from shootings, toxic waste from severely ill drug addicts, fires, a serious lack of safety and police response, virtually no access to addiction treatment for those who need it, and the closure of businesses that can no longer survive due to widespread shoplifting».

It is no coincidence that last year, the largest retail chain in the country, Walmart, which has about 5,000 stores nationwide, announced that it was leaving Portland — forever. Similar sentiments have taken hold of Dustin Miller, a native of Portland, who spoke about being frightened by armed homeless people:

«A man was walking down the street with an axe. It’s just crazy. It reminds me of some post-apocalyptic nightmare. Like the movie ‘Mad Max’. They’ve taken over the entire city».

A notable comment left by a reader of the Daily Mail under the nickname Apex_Predator reads:

“Look at Seattle. Look at Las Vegas. Look at Los Angeles. Look at Phoenix. Look at Philadelphia. The list goes on and on. The problem is not at the city level. This is the decay of the country at an unprecedented and irreversible level. The USA is finished».

Against the backdrop of such rapid and large-scale degradation of quality of life, the decision of Oregon’s rural inhabitants seems justified. As the Washington Examiner commented:

“The secession plan, better known as the ‘Greater Idaho Movement,’ is gaining momentum in Oregon, where some residents feel they no longer belong in the liberal-run state and believe their eastern neighbor would better take care of their interests».

The first alarm bell rang three years ago when the first five counties openly admitted their desire to have a local divorce and fall under the jurisdiction of the neighboring state of Idaho. There, Republicans, who reject neoliberal inhumane orthodoxy, are at the helm. For reference: according to the 2010 census, African Americans made up 0.6% of Idaho’s population, while whites accounted for 89.1%.

The total number of separatists in the 13 counties is small, about 300,000, one-tenth of Oregon’s population, but they “hold” more than two-thirds of the entire state territory. Moreover, only 3% of the land in Eastern Oregon is under state jurisdiction; the rest is either privately owned or federal property. Therefore, by joining “Greater Idaho”, the rednecks will not take anything foreign with them.

A barometer of sentiments in Crook County, Oregon, with a population of about 26,000 people, who intend to join the 13 rebelling communities in the east, was the admission of local resident Eric Smith to USA Today:

“I love Oregon, but I just don’t like the people who run it now. It doesn’t seem like they want us to stay with them.”

As acknowledged by the Washington Examiner, the escapees from the neoliberal Oregon paradise, reeking of marijuana, strive to

“move to another state where their views are shared. Secession gives them the opportunity to be surrounded by more like-minded people”.

In Florida, the online publication “We The People Daily” promises to “provide objective, fact-based news on the most relevant issues in the US and beyond». They interpreted the vote in favor of “Greater Idaho” as follows: “Oregon citizens are escaping the madness of leftists — this will change the nation forever.” The publication deemed it necessary to remind that Portland,

“this generally sleepy city, has become the focal point of the most radical organizations, such as Antifa, and anarchist groups. In the summer of 2020, the city registered over 100 consecutive nights of unrest. Rioters destroyed the federal courthouse building, not to mention private homes and businesses.”

The consequences appeared on May 18, 2021, when an initiative group launched the slogan “Move Oregon’s Border to Create Greater Idaho” so that, as the Epoch Times reported, “rural eastern counties could join the ‘Gem State,’ believing they would fare better under Idaho’s conservatively-minded political leadership.”

At that time, leading separatist Mike McCarter told the local press:

“If Oregon truly believes in liberal values like self-determination, it will not hold our counties captive against our will. If we are allowed to vote for our choice of candidates, then we should be allowed to vote for our choice of state.”

Today, the separatists’ website outlines a maximum program based on the following logic: “The border between Oregon and Idaho was established 163 years ago and is now outdated. Its current location makes no sense as it does not align with the cultural division in Oregon… We want the economy not to be held back by Oregon state laws and taxes, including environmental regulations… We will still follow federal laws and Idaho state laws, and that will be enough. Idaho knows how to respect rural counties and our sources of livelihood.”

Opponents of redrawing the borders launched a propaganda campaign “IdaNo!”. Ryan Griffiths, a political science professor at Syracuse University, claims that the secessionists actually lack significant public support:

“If you imagine a full-scale project to divide America into red (Republican-ruled) and blue (Democrat-ruled) states, it would be incredibly dangerous because you would have to divide people.”

The chances of a civilized divorce are slim. There is no prescribed simplified secession procedure. Referring to the historical precedent when the district of Maine left Massachusetts’s jurisdiction and became the 23rd US state in 1820 is not very convincing.

Thus, if it comes to formalizing the withdrawal of the 13 counties from Oregon, the demarcation of new borders will first need to be approved in the legislature in Portland. There, the absolute dominance of the Democrats will automatically put a firm end to the idea of “escape from paradise”.

Nevertheless, the direction for reconsidering borders and compact settlement in accordance with ideological and moral beliefs has already been set. The ferment of potential separatists’ minds is noted in the states of Virginia, Illinois, and also California, where “reds,” that is, faithful Republicans, would like to form their own state in the northern regions called… Jefferson.

The motives of the mature and maturing relocators are as simple as a cheeseburger and as significant as the increasingly apparent consequences of the cultural wars initiated by the Democrats, which imply not only the “cancellation” of traditional beliefs and ways of life but also of their adherents themselves. It will be incredibly difficult for Democrats to turn away from their chosen path of confrontation and national division. Any ideological dogmatism has an inertial course.

Forecast: the emergence of new separatist hotspots in the US, at least at this stage of gender-racial brainwashing, is inevitable.