Trumpists ready to clean out Washington's stables in 2025



Donald Trump’s supporters are already drawing up an agenda for the first 100 days of his presidency

Two warring tribes within America’s political class, Republicans (red) and Democrats (blue), are preparing for uncompromising battles in 2025. The most remarkable thing is that the rivals proceed from the fact that November 5, Election Day, has already passed and is marked in the annals as the day of Joe Biden’s crushing defeat and Donald Trump’s landmark triumph.

In the U.S. Congress, the Reds are busily drawing up ambitious plans for changes in the social and economic agenda, as well as possibly reformatting key government agencies, many of which are staffed by the Blue appointees. As Mike Johnson, a Republican elected in a district in «blue» California (Los Angeles) and now Speaker of the House of Representatives, states,

«if you look at the latest opinion polls, everybody, almost everybody right now, is predicting that Republicans will take back the Senate, that we will increase our majority in the lower House and that we will also have the White House».

In their political jargon, Republicans often refer to this as the «triple factor» — the trifecta. By winning a majority of seats in the Senate and House of Representatives with mega-president Trump at the top of the power pyramid, obsessed with his slogan «Make America Great Again», Republicans can pass as much legislation as they want — and no one and nothing will stand in their way.

«When he (Trump) gets to the White House, we should have a very full agenda on our hands for the first 100 days», the House Speaker explained. «You can’t put the cart before the horse», added the «red» Mr. Johnson. — «But we have to be ready to govern, and we will be ready».

Among the Republicans’ priorities are reducing the budget deficit but extending «deregulation», which would extend tax breaks for large corporations, and a set of measures to strengthen southern border security, which could mean Trump’s promised mass deportation of illegal immigrants in the style of an all-out military operation involving the Army.

No wonder the «blues» get hysterical when they imagine the consequences of rampant «red» democracy. Especially since all this legislative bacchanalia will be strongly seasoned with the personal vendetta of Trump, who has been convicted on 34 criminal counts (related to the payment of hush money to a porn star), and who does not recognize such an unsympathetic character trait as vindictiveness, but clearly intends to take revenge on his abusers.

As political scientist Malek Dudakov comments on the advance maneuvers of revanchist Republicans, Trump and his team want to

«carry out large-scale purges in the intelligence agencies, the State Department and the Pentagon. Tens of thousands of liberal bureaucrats will be fired and replaced by Trump associates. Such a shakeup in Washington could severely undermine the current liberal status quo».

The scandal around the U.S. State Department, which provided financial, hence moral and psychological support to the Ukrainian NGO Data Journalism Agency (, has come at a bad time for Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters. This agency put 76 organizations in the USA and 388 individuals on the list of «enemies of Ukraine».

Among them were the Internet blog ZeroHedge and prominent US politicians who oppose the continuation of the war in Ukraine. The NGO was founded by Anatoly Bondarenko, whose ties to the State Department have been documented.

Jim Banks, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, sent an official letter to his colleagues expressing the view that federal agencies — 

«The State Department and USAID should cut off all relations with foreign NGOs, such as TEXTY, that seek to silence Americans they don’t like and induce U.S. politicians to serve their own interests».

In the House of Representatives, according to The Hill, an American print and online publication, Republicans are drafting increased oversight of the Justice Department. The motives are clear: the Justice Department has become an obedient tool of the «deep state» created by Washington Democrats to always keep the federal government under its heel.

Trumpists intend to use the financial and oversight powers of the U.S. Congress, as well as the right of legislative initiatives, to control the work of the DOJ. These measures, explained House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (Ohio Republican), will also include support for internal whistleblowers to provide early warning of possible conspiracies on behalf of neoliberals and systemic Democrats.

The only thing left to do is for Republicans to agree among themselves, as long as this «narrow circle» has its own factions and differences of opinion. However, as Appropriations Committee Chairman Tom Cole told The Hill, if the Reds control both chambers of the U.S. Congress and Trump (the «trifecta») reigns in the White House, the degree of disagreement within the party will decrease. This will change, Tom Cole emphasized, once «there is a new sheriff in town under the name of the President of the United States».

The Democrats seriously fear the effect of this «trifecta» and are therefore preparing in advance for large-scale, albeit rearguard, battles. The New York Times, the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, reported in its June 16 issue, «Resistance to the new Trump administration has already begun».

The New York Times scares readers that if Trump returns, they face «radical changes, many of which have authoritarian overtones». The Trumpists’ plans, the paper claims,

«to use the Justice Department to retaliate against his opponents, send federal troops to Democratic (where Democratic Party loyalists rule) cities, carry out mass deportations, build huge camps for immigration detainees, make it easier to fire government employees and replace them with loyal supporters, and expand and centralize the executive branch».

It is worth recalling that in 2020 during the election campaign, when the Democrats resorted to tactics of controlled chaos, unleashing pogroms and looters, including those from the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM), President Trump, who ruled for the fourth year, prepared an executive order on the use of the Insurrection Act. The law gives the head of state the authority — at the request of a state’s authorities — to send in the National Guard and even units of regular troops to quell riots. Trump, however, never signed the executive order.

This year, amid unprecedented harassment, Trump has hinted that in extraordinary circumstances he would be willing to revisit the executive order and send the feds to quell a rampaging mob of bombers and looters even without a request from a state. Democrats are terrified.

Meanwhile, in Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, a three-day gathering of activists from 50 community organizations dedicated to promoting immigrant rights took place. They were developing a «Scenario for Action: preparations for the post-election phase».

Democrat Jay Inslee, governor of Washington State, announced that he had created a strategic stockpile of mifepristone pills to keep mass abortions going in the event of a second Trump administration. Democrat governors in the states of New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California have made similar «stashes».

In other words, no matter what happens in Washington, the population reduction program ordered and promoted by the globalist clans will be consistently implemented.

Quite hysterical reactions to the yet to happen revenge of the 45th president are manifested in other segments of the «deep state».

According to insider information, Donald Trump has forgotten nothing and will remind everyone of everything. Like how Hillary Clinton, who lost to him in 2016, organized the fabrication of the Russian election meddling case called Russiagate — which fell apart after two years of thorough investigation. And how Antony Blinken, along with the CIA veterans he mobilized, promoted the thesis that Russian disinformation was planted. And that among the fanatical Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol Hill building on January 6, FBI agents who participated in «warming up» the crowd were identified.

What do sensible citizens think as they watch the cracks spreading across the icon of the «American dream» and the second election campaign combining the hallmarks of a third-rate sideshow and a Hitchcockian horror-drama?

Nearly three-quarters of citizens, according to polls, believe Trump will «either make major changes to the political or economic system or completely destroy it». Only 24% expect a similar outcome from a Biden presidency. But the important thing is that this prospect is viewed not with a negative sign, but with a positive one. As the New York Times is forced to admit,

«public fatigue with Washington’s gerontocracy is enormous. So are its failed policies, with inflation, the collapse of the U.S. southern border under migrant pressure and wars around the world».

While 55 percent of those polled are calling for sweeping reforms, another 14 percent of Americans, quote, «want the total destruction of the U.S. government system without believing it can be reformed». What does that mean?

When three quarters of citizens who did not find it difficult to participate in the survey are convinced that a partial or even complete dismantling of the system is required, one can come to an unambiguous conclusion. America has entered the period signified by the ancient Chinese curse, «To live in the age of change».