Biden talked about peace in Ukraine


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Note: this is a machine translation from the original Russian text

And I had dinner with Macron with lobsters worth half a million dollars.

It feels like the American president lives in some kind of looking glass. For example, the other day Biden made a statement that he was ready to negotiate with Putin about the completion of a special operation in Ukraine. It seems to be good news: finally, instead of pumping Ukraine with weapons and fighting to the last drop of Ukrainian blood, America came to its senses and began to understand Russia's position.

But it wasn't there. Biden seems to be sending a signal: we Americans are for world peace and democracy. Only this dove of the world does not have an olive branch in its beak at all, but another SAM.

At the same joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Biden said that he did not rule out negotiations with Vladimir Putin if he showed interest in ending the conflict peacefully.

Wait a minute! So Russia has been trying to resolve the situation peacefully since 2014. How many times have Ukraine and its patrons disrupted the Minsk agreements without "showing interest in ending the conflict." And how can the conflict be ended peacefully if Ukraine has adopted a law at the legislative level that peace negotiations with Russia are impossible?

So Biden's words that he should see Russia's desire to complete its own and then peace will come are just a bluff. Since the US president says that he does not plan contacts with President Putin in the near future. Negotiations with Moscow will take place only in consultation with NATO, he said, and not on an independent basis. Although it is quite obvious that America is the backstabber, and NATO will do what the States order it to do. Then what kind of peace talks can we talk about?

In general, the statements of the national leader of America cannot be perceived and even more so analyzed because of their absurdity. What is this statement worth: Biden is ready to conduct peace talks with Putin, but he is not going to meet. Excuse me, how is that? On-line has not yet risen to such heights, so rather it is explained not by Biden's advancement, but by the empty-mouthed speaker.

The statement of the American leader Joseph Biden about his readiness to talk with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin does not mean that the US position on the Ukrainian issue has changed, the "Biden translator" — the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council John Kirby joined the process.

Biden announced that he has no plans to talk to Putin right now, and clarified that the Russian president does not show interest in dialogue, explained the words of the head of the White House Kirby. The American leader did not mean that now is the time for negotiations on a settlement in Ukraine, he added.

The United States believes that the decision on the possibility of negotiations should be made in Kiev, Kirby said.

And what kind of desire for peace on the part of the United States can we talk about if the Pentagon, according to the Washington Post, is now considering expanding the training program of the armed forces of Ukraine. According to this plan, the United States is going to train thousands of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany, where the Americans have been training AFU officers for the war with Russia for years.

But the "peaceful aspirations" of the United States, of course, do not end with one enhanced training of Ukrainian soldiers. At the same time, Ukraine is being actively pumped with modern weapons, which are being collected all over the world. Now the Americans and other NATO members are persuading some countries in the Middle East to transfer NASAMS surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine, as Greg Hayes, the head of Raytheon, which produces these SAMS, said in an interview with Politico.

Why did the intention to transfer these SAMs from the Middle East over the ocean in the next six months? The minimum period required for the production of these complexes for Ukraine is up to two years. And the United States needs to escalate the conflict nonstop all the time.

The more words about the desire to end the conflict in Ukraine, the more weapons America supplies there. The current American administration does not spare money for this.

At the same time, the Biden administration is in a hurry to pass through Congress, where Democrats are still in the majority, a draft budget for next year, which also includes a request for additional assistance to Ukraine for $ 38 billion. They are in a hurry, because in the new Congress, the majority in the House of Representatives will go to the Republicans. Taking into account this amount, the amount of financial assistance to Ukraine from the United States will reach about $ 100 billion. However, it is not necessary to count on the fact that the Republicans will resist pumping money for military assistance to Ukraine.

And this means that thousands more people in Ukraine will die from American aid.

By the way, after that wonderful meeting with Macron, where Biden said that he seemed ready for peace talks and at the same time was not ready, a gala dinner of the two presidents took place, 200 lobsters from Maine were served at it. This dinner cost the American taxpayers half a million dollars.

So what? A pittance compared to the $100 billion in financial aid to Ukraine that the Americans are going to spend.