The American Political Crisis


The GEOFOR editorial board asked Paul Craig Roberts, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy (USA), a PhD in Economics and US Undersecretary of Treasury in the Reagan administration, to give his assessment of the political situation in the US and whether a candidate other than Biden could result in a more reasonable US policy toward the rest of the world, and here is his reply.

American politics is in crisis. The evidence is overwhelming that Biden was not elected but was put into the presidency via a stolen election, and the evidence is overwhelming that Democrats and the Biden regime are attempting to prevent Trump from being returned to the presidency by trying to destroy him with four false felony trials and several civil lawsuits. This is an unprecedented weaponization of law for political purposes akin to Stalin’s purge trials of the Bolsheviks. The ultimate consequence is unclear. However, the people are not fooled. Trump remains the leading candidate for the presidency.

Trump received more votes on his reelection than he did when he was elected to his first term. Biden, whose support was so weak that he did not campaign, because the absence of people at his rallies was an embarrassment, was credited with more votes than any Democrat candidate in history, 10 million more than Obama, more than Hillary. The Biden vote total indicates a high level of voter support of which no sign was seen. There was no visible enthusiasm for Biden. Yet he had an unprecedented vote total.

So we have in the Biden regime an illegitimate government. It is not permissible to say so. The media do not permit it. Lawsuits, even arrest warrants are brought against people who say or provide evidence that the election was stolen. In this way those who stole the election use their control over law and prosecution to protect their theft. The theft was not limited to the presidency. It happened also to Republican representatives, senators, and governors.

Trump has had 8 years of false prosecutions — Russiagate, two illegitimate impeachment attempts, documents gate, stripper gate, Jan. 6 insurrection, resulting in his indictments by Democrat-controlled legal machinery in New York, Fulton County Georgia, and the US Dept of Justice. Additionally, Democrat state attorney general in New York is attempting to steal Trump’s real estate empire. Other Democrat judges have ruled that Trump can be sued by anyone who claims to have been “damaged” by a Trump speech.

Trump has all of this trouble and stress for two reasons alone: He threatened the powerful military/security complex by threatening to take away their enemy by normalizing relations with Russia, and he threatened the ruling establishment, sometimes referred to as the Deep State, by declaring his intent to take power from them and to give it back to the American people.

The purpose of this punishment of Trump is to send loud and clear the message that any future president or presidential candidate who threatens in any way the ruling establishment will be destroyed.

It is necessary to understand that what has been occurring for decades in the US — indeed, throughout Western civilization — is the erosion of the belief system that is the basis of the social, political, and moral order. The West has been destroyed, not by communist spies or terrorists, but by its own intellectuals and educators, film makers, historians. University education and now primary education explain Western civilization as a racist entity that exploits “people of color.” This has now developed into the demonization of white people, especially white male heterosexual gentiles. They are being eliminated from positions of power and influence and replaced with women, “people of color” and the sexually perverse. Major corporations, such as Apple, Starbucks, IBM, and even the US military have publicly announced that hirings and promotions for white males are on hold. This is a violation of the Civil Rights Act and the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, but nothing is done about it. In jurisdictions where Democrats control school boards, Critical Race Theory is used to teach the white kids that they and their parents are racists who owe restitution to blacks. They are taught that they might have been born in the wrong body. Transgender clinics have sprung up in which young women’s breasts are removed and young men are chemically castrated. Parents’ attempts to interfere with the brainwashing of their children are being resisted.

It is necessary to understand that Congress and the President are not accountable to the voters. More important than votes is the campaign contributions that lead to election. The House and Senate and President are elected on the basis of large sums of money contributed by the rich and powerful financial and economic interests, such as the military/security complex, Wall Street, the pharmaceutical, energy, agribusiness and other industries. Elected officials have to comply with the interests of those who provide the money, or next election the money goes to their opponents. The Jewish billionaire George Soros uses his money to put in office aggressive partisan Democrat state attorneys general who target Republicans.

The result is that the Republicans cannot defend Trump, because the establishment doesn’t want Trump defended.

It is necessary to understand that the US is not a nation. It is a Tower of Babel. Untold millions of immigrant-invaders enter the country illegally every year, for year after year, and nothing can be done to stop the invasion. The Democrats welcome the invaders as they have ways to add them to Democrat votes. The Republican businessmen welcome the invaders, as they provide cheap labor and hold down US wages. The two political parties serving their short-term interests are destroying America. The immigrant-invaders overwhelm the school systems, medical facilities, police, and support systems of affected states and localities, making it difficult for them to service the interests on their municipal bonds.

So, you see, it matters not how many votes this or that poll shows this or that candidate has.

Trump is being prosecuted by Democrat prosecutors in courts presided over by Democrat judges in jurisdictions where there are black Democrat juries. Law is being used as a weapon to remove a president and presidential candidate perceived by the establishment to be a threat. Trump will not be permitted to be President. If he is not imprisoned, he will be assassinated, unless the Establishment thinks it can control Trump by controlling his appointments and continuing to harass him. Perhaps the Establishment thinks that 8 years of high stress on an elderly man has done its damage and a little more stress will finish Trump off.

On top of it all, US living standards are falling. Middle class jobs are disappearing and the middle class with them. Many Americans work 2 or 3 part time jobs with no pension or medical benefits. After the Soviet collapse, US corporations began offshoring manufacturing jobs to China and Asia. The Federal Reserve, the central bank, serves the interests of the large banks at the expense of everyone else. In short, the US has become a dysfunctional country.

But the foreign policy is still in the hands of the aggressive neoconservatives, who still cling to their agenda of US hegemony, principally to constrain Russia and China and to open the Middle East to Israeli expansion.

As I hope this makes clear, the US is unstable across the board. The notion that an election can correct the situation is absurd.