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The Swiss conference on Ukraine, intended as a “mountain”, gave birth to a mouse

The so-called «International Conference on Peace in Ukraine», which took place on June 15–16 in Switzerland, expectedly did not contribute to the creation of a united front against Russia, as the head of the Kiev regime Zelensky and his Anglo-Saxon curators had intended.

Opening the forum, Swiss President Viola Amherd unwittingly blew out the aspirations of the «expired president» (in the sense of illegitimate).

«A peace process without Russia is unthinkable. A long-term settlement must take into account the interests of both sides», she recognized.

And added: «If we want to engender a process leading to peace, at some point it will be necessary to involve Russia as well. This is clear to everyone. <…> As the international community, we can contribute to paving the way for direct negotiations between the parties to the conflict. That is why we are here».

That is, in her opinion, the participants gathered not to «brand the aggressor» (Kiev’s version), but to start looking for a peaceful path.

Two days of debates on pouring from empty to empty did not clarify the situation.

«The discussions showed that there are different points of view», the Swiss president said at the forum’s closing ceremony. She stated that «a final understanding was not reached and this is a matter for future meetings».

The final declaration, which she read out, was supported by 79 countries. A total of 91 countries were represented at the conference (initially, invitations were sent to the leaders of 120 countries and 40 international organizations). The document was supported by the USA, Switzerland, EU countries and Turkey. The BRICS members (Brazil, India, South Africa, UAE), as well as Armenia, Bahrain, Vatican City, Indonesia, Libya, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and Thailand were among the rejected.

The organizers were expecting «all flags» to visit them. However, only 55 heads of state and government checked in. Most of them were VIPs from the European Union countries. China, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan and many others did not send delegations at all.

There is a special story with the departures of the VIPs after the photo session on the first day. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stayed on the hospitable Swiss soil for only two and a half hours. U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, filling in for Old Joe, who opted to head to Hollywood for donations, gave a short denunciation speech and departed for the ocean. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whom Zelensky had pestered for two whole days in Berlin the day before, also disappeared, referring to urgent domestic political matters. At the last moment, the president of Colombia refused to go to a Swiss resort (far away from the land!). Gustavo Petro justified his decision clearly: «The conclusions of the forum are predetermined in advance, the platform is not free to discuss ways to peace between Russia and Ukraine».

It is noteworthy, however, that the masterminds of the gathering still hoisted a flag-placard with the slogan «The whole world is for Ukraine and against Russia».

Famous characters continued to traditionally smear Russia.

«Freezing the conflict today, when foreign troops occupy Ukrainian land, is not a solution. In fact, it is a recipe for future wars of aggression. Instead, we need to support a comprehensive, just and sustainable peace for Ukraine. One that restores its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. <…> Russia’s war of aggression are echoing around the world. Energy prices have soared. Food prices have soared», said the «Brussels Fury», European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

«Peace in Ukraine cannot mean Kiev’s capitulation», summarized French President Emmanuel Macron, whose political future is in limbo and depends on parliamentary elections in a couple of weeks.

«Of course, it is first and foremost about peace for Ukraine. But our global security and a rules-based world order are also at stake. The forum should open the way for the beginning of a process in which Russia will one day have a seat at the table. <…> When the time for this will come is up to Ukraine alone to decide», noted the dodgy Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

«Russia has always been aggressive. At the end of World War II, the Finns lost 10% of their territory. And my grandfather was born there», grieved newly elected Finnish President Alexander Stubb, forgetting to mention that Suomi fought on Hitler’s side.

«Russia is a prison of nations. It is necessary to decolonize the last empire in the world», reported the ardent Russophobe, Polish President Andrzej Duda, who clearly went beyond Ukrainian issues.

A total of 26 participants spoke.

In an effort to maximize representation, Ukraine made significant concessions. The main issues — the end of the war and the withdrawal of Russian troops — were left out of the brackets. Of the ten points of the «Zelensky formula», only three remained on the agenda: food security and, as part of it, freedom of navigation in the Black and Azov Seas, nuclear security (we are talking about Ukrainian nuclear power plants, including the one in Zaporozhye, which is «on occupied territory»), and «humanitarian aspects», including the exchange of prisoners of war.

«We must decide together what a just peace means for the whole world and how it can be achieved on a long-term basis. This will then be brought to the attention of Russia’s representatives (how?), so that at the second peace summit we can record the real end of the war», Zelensky presumptuously promised. He believes that the second round could take place as early as this fall. According to him, there are already those willing to host the new forum, and negotiations are underway.

Judging by the Western press, the texts about the Swiss conference were full of various details unrelated to the topics to be discussed, rather than specific peace proposals. It was clear to everyone: the organizers had nothing to offer!

Deputies of the Ukrainian Rada, for example, paid attention to the fact that in the official photo of the heads of delegations for some reason (out of rank) was (along with Zelensky) the head of the presidential office Andrei Yermak. Why would that be?

«Russia hopes that next time the situation in Ukraine will be discussed at a more constructive event than the summit in Switzerland», — commented on the completed conference the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov.

But the State Duma deputy from Crimea, Mikhail Sheremet, compared the forum to the scandalous party of blogger Nastya Ivleyeva.

«Their meeting is akin to a ‘naked party’ because its administrator in the person of Zelensky is an illegitimate ‘naked king’», he said.

It’s hard to disagree with him…