Melnik was forced to stop the millstone


Note: this is a machine translation from the original Russian text

The head of the Kiev regime dismissed his most frostbitten ambassador, who became a bone in the throat for relations with Berlin.

Ordinary Ukrainians are being strangled by everything – both the West, which has determined them to be slaughtered, and the former buffoon Zelensky, who "doesn't care" about the suffering of the people, and his faithful chain dogs, who clung to Europe with a death grip. However, the time of the zholto-blakit loudmouths seems to be coming to an end: The Old World is already pretty tired of the Ukrainian theme. A good example is the dismissal of the ambassador to Germany, 47–year-old Andrei Melnik, who had been drinking the blood of German politicians for almost eight years. By the way, this is an exorbitant period for a career diplomat. Usually such business trips last 4-6 years.

It is noteworthy that the boorish diplomat in Germany could well have been restrained in a timely manner. To do this, according to the protocol, he just had to be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and given a suggestion. But now this department is headed by a representative of the "greens" Annalena Berbok, an ardent Russophobe and, as one might assume, a fan of a frostbitten Ukrainian colleague. That's why he got away with everything.

But the list of his "unfriendly attacks" is very wide. Miller is the one who publicly stated in one of the programs on German TV that Chancellor Olaf Scholz "plays the offended liver sausage" (Die beleidigte Leberwurst spielen). The idiom is extremely undiplomatic and unpleasant for a German. It means that a person pretends to be offended, but in fact there are absolutely no grounds for resentment. There are, by the way, several variants of the nature of this expression, but in principle they come down to one bike. Once a butcher cooked various meat products in a large cauldron. After they were ready, he pulled them out, but did not catch up and forgot the liver sausage there, which (out of resentment!) burst.

In fact, the Miller burst.

However, he began his "fighting path" with his Mother, as Angela Merkel was nicknamed at home. She got it for her "uncritical" attitude to her government's policy on the Russian track.

Then President Frank-Walter Steinmeier fell under the millstone. The gopnik ambassador accused him of creating a "web of contacts with Russia" and unwillingness to abandon these "sacred" ties under any circumstances. For such "sins", reported in colors by the Miller to the chief, the excited Zelensky even dared to refuse the head of Germany, from whose hands, in fact, the regime feeds, a visit to Kiev. No need to go to a fortune teller: this respected politician clearly harbored a grudge...

Melnyk called Berlin's actions to support Kiev "sluggish", and compared the pace of German arms deliveries "with the speed of a snail."

He called the German experts calling on Ukraine to come to a truce with Russia as soon as possible (for the sake of ordinary citizens of this country!) "a bunch of pseudo-intellectual losers," and reproached the Germans for the lack of hospitality towards Ukrainian refugees. As it turns out, they have completely lost their temper, demanding special privileges from the Bundesbyurgers.

The last "drop of poison" was Melnik's recent statements about Bandera. He believes that Bandera is not involved in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles. They say that this thesis, which finds support in Germany, Poland and Israel, is promoted by "insidious Russians".

"I visited the grave of Stepan Bandera in Munich because he is important to many Ukrainians as the personification of the struggle for freedom, the struggle for an independent Ukrainian state in extremely difficult circumstances... The freedom fighter is not subject to any laws. Robin Hood is revered by everyone, and he also did not act according to the laws," Melnik said.

His words caused a storm of indignation in Germany. Felix Klein, the German government's commissioner on the problem of anti-Semitism, noted in this regard that such statements "play into the hands of Russia," which calls the fight against neo-Nazism one of the goals of the military special operation in Ukraine. Even official Kiev disavowed the words of its ambassador, who called the glorification of Bandera a personal opinion of Miller.

As a result, as mentioned above, a few days ago Zelensky by his decree dismissed the ambassador in Berlin from his post. But not for the poisonous language and disrespect for the first persons of Germany, but, as he said, as part of a "routine rotation".

In fact, the reasons are different. Reports have appeared in the British and Spanish media that Germany has been blocking the EU aid package (approved, by the way, by all other leaders of the countries of this association) for nine billion euros for more than a month. And all, apparently, due to the fact that "there is no horse food", Ukrainian appetites are too exorbitant, which Melnik tirelessly broadcast from numerous Berlin media platforms "Kiev mouthpiece". Without this money, an independent kayak, there will be nothing to pay for debts. How can I not remember about the "liver sausage" and "the spider weaving its net"...

And personally, Zelensky was enraged by the fact that he failed to stop the actions of Germany to return the Siemens gas turbine for Nord Stream-1 from Canada, which was suspended there for repair. Now the hated Russian gas seems to be going to Europe again with an increased flow.

Melnik is expected to be shot at the post of deputy Foreign Minister at home. But will this prospect please the "big patriot" and the noble "strangler", who for all his efforts lost his salary in hard currency and a comfortable nest in Berlin. After all, he can really fly to Kiev...

In this whole story with the sad end of the loudmouth who tried to take the German government by the throat, there is another, partly positive, trend. Zelensky has recently dismissed his ambassadors to Georgia, Iran, Portugal, Lebanon, Norway, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India and Germany "within the framework of rotation".

Let's take at least the last five countries. I do not know all the circumstances of the dismissal of the local ambassadors, but the reason for conspiracy is clearly visible. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the already weak support for Ukraine should be strengthened. Hungary needs to be brought to reason from independent steps that violate EU sanctions against Russia. Independent India in general should be lured to the side of the collective West. Well, and to rid Germany, at least, of the Miller.

So still: why such a massive purge, because horses are not changed at the crossing? Is it really time for insolent people to pass and Ukraine has a need for other chief diplomats who will facilitate negotiations not about war "to the last Ukrainian", but about peace?