Lambrecht asked to resign


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Note: this is a machine translation from the original Russian text

German Defense Minister Lambrecht, who became a universal irritant and a joke, could not resist the barrage of criticism and asked for her resignation.

The military Frau explained her step by excessive media attention to her modest persona, while "the Bundeswehr soldiers and the goals of the defense department require attention." Lambrecht filed her resignation on her own last week. She wisely decided that it was not worth waiting for Chancellor Scholz to dismiss her.

With her constant punctures, which our website wrote about in detail just last week, she literally pinned the head of the Berlin cabinet to the wall. Not only has Lambrecht long been a bone in the throat of the conservative opposition, military experts and the leadership of the Bundeswehr, she decided to flee and encroached on harmony.

After winning the elections and forming a "traffic light" coalition (Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats), Scholz promised that half of his cabinet would consist of female ministers.

"Now the chancellor has a problem with the ladies," wrote the influential German newspaper Bild. His trouble, according to the publication, is that, following the principle of gender equality and his promise, he will again look for another frau as a candidate for the post of head of the military department. A vicious and vicious circle. The Bundeswehr, which has almost given up the fighting spirit, has been under a sharp ladies' heel for ten years. Lambrecht was the third minister in a skirt. Is it really necessary to wait for the fourth?

"The Chancellor has accepted his resignation and will present a new candidate in a timely manner," Cabinet Speaker Christiane Hoffmann said at a briefing on Monday. According to her, Scholz respected the decision of the Minister of Defense, thanked for the good work.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Lambrecht will perform duties until the official presentation of the document on dismissal. That is, until Scholz finds a new woman... It is unclear, however, whether she will take part in the next meeting in the so-called "Ramstein format", which will be held on January 20 at the American air base located on the territory of Germany. It was previously planned that she would be the one to lead it. However, now the situation is as follows: Lambrecht no longer goes to work at the ministry, but is involved in the "remote".

"The Federal Chancellor should fill out the Ministry of Defense, which is extremely important for the security of Germany, not from the point of view of gender, but based solely on the competence of the employee," commented Vice-president of the Bundestag, free Democrat Wolfgang Kubitsky.

Let me remind you of some of the most striking transgressions of the military Frau over the past year.

With the beginning of the SVO in Ukraine, Kristina "roused the whole Ivanovskaya" about the decision to send a valuable gift to the Nezalezhnaya – as many as five thousand beush military helmets. The whole of Europe laughed at her, and President Zelensky was offended to tears.

At the end of April last year, on the sidelines of the international "meeting", which US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin held at Ramstein Air Base, she issued a written statement according to which the Berlin cabinet pledged to transfer 50 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine in an accelerated mode. However, it turned out that there are only 23 thousand shells for them in warehouses. This "reserve" will be enough when using all the promised ZSU for only 20 minutes of continuous combat. The original ammunition is produced by the Swiss company Oerlikon. However, Switzerland refused to supply them, as local law prohibits the export of military goods to conflict zones.

The necessary shells were searched all over the world and, in the end, they were found for a lot of money... in Brazil. As a result, the first "Cheetahs" were sent to Ukraine only at the end of July, and most of the main batch – in August-September last year. Note: not in May-June, as promised.

The last embarrassment happened quite recently – after the publication of her New Year's address to the German people. The video was shot on one of the streets of Berlin against the background of fireworks and the roar of firecrackers.

"Fighting continues in the center of Europe. There were a lot of impressions that I got from it, and also met wonderful and interesting people. I want to say a heartfelt thank you for this," Lambrecht said. The video with explosions and positive impressions of the fighting on the territory of the Nezalezhnaya caused a completely justified negative reaction.

A scandal stands out due to the fact that Lambrecht used a Bundeswehr helicopter for a private trip with her son. Just a couple of days ago, the details that the minister hid from the media were revealed. It turned out that Lambrecht went on a military helicopter on a business trip to inspect one of the army units in the north of Germany. She took her 22-year-old son Alexander with her. After visiting the barracks, they took a car provided by the Bundeswehr on vacation to the nearby Sylt Island in the North Sea. No one would have found out about this transgression if the heir had not posted photos with his mother on social networks at the rotorcraft and on vacation. Journalists paid attention to the picture. And off it went...

There was a court, a lawsuit was filed by journalists of the Tagesspiegel publication. They demanded that Lambrecht answer all their questions related to the ill-fated trip.

The line of defense was as follows: Lambrecht's trip took place, but within the framework of the law; she reimbursed the expenses for her son; this is officially confirmed. The official refused to name the amount of compensation.

Meticulous "journalists" found out that such expenses are calculated in the departments according to the economy class fares of the airline Lufthansa. But civil aviation does not fly to the remote northern province. And yet the approximate price of the son's "air ticket" was set at 261 euros. A trifle, but as the newspaper Bild wrote, the principle is more expensive.

The court of First Instance ruled that Lambrecht is obliged to answer all inconvenient questions.

The Administrative Court of the second instance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia rejected her complaint against the earlier decision of the administrative court in Cologne. According to German law, it is no longer possible to challenge the original decision.

The military Frau had to give details and repent. It turned out, in particular, that it was she who took one of the photos of her son against the background of a helicopter.

Lambrecht rejected the accusation that she mixes personal and official, although she admitted that "next time she would have acted differently."

The story is actually instructive. This is how our colleagues from the German media defend their right to closely monitor officials of even the highest rank. Let it be about some trifle – 261 euros.

This scandal added fuel to the fire, in which, figuratively speaking, Christina burned. R.I.P.