A Georgian-style Maidan


Zurab Tsertsvadze/AP/TASS

Another "color revolution," orchestrated from overseas, is sweeping Tbilisi. The ultimate goal is to open a "second front" against Russia.

The second episode of the "Rose Revolution" called "20 Years Later" is showing in Tbilisi. Once again there are mass disturbances in the capital, organized by supporters of the pro-Western opposition. Veterans of the Georgian Legion, whose militants are fighting on the side of the AFU, have arrived. Ukrainian emissaries, who feel at ease in Georgia, have revived. President Salome Zurabishvili, who was born and had a diplomatic career in France, made a fiery speech in support of the US protesters in front of the Statue of Liberty instead of where the Aragvi and Kura rivers meet.

The unrest started (as if on cue!) after the parliament passed the first reading of the bill "On Foreign Influence Transparency." It is based on a similar American document, and states that non-profit legal entities and media outlets will receive the status of foreign agents if more than 20% of their revenues come from abroad. Such organizations, which are a dime a dozen, must register, or face heavy fines. The Ministry of Justice will have the right to launch an investigation against them, which could even lead to imprisonment.

This bill and the bill "On the Registration of Foreign Agents," which goes hand in hand with it, were introduced by parliamentarians from the "People's Power" public movement, which emerged after the start of a special military operation. One of the goals of this political association is to counter "the propaganda of liberal ideology and the desire of the West to drag Georgia into the war." The initiative was supported by colleagues from the faction of the ruling "Georgian Dream" party.

However, the American ambassador to Georgia, Kelly Degnan, contrary to the obvious facts, pointed out that the document has no connection with the U.S. act. In her opinion, the submitted draft repeats the main provisions of the Russian law on foreign agents, which is "used there to suppress dissent."

"Georgia does not need these laws. Georgia already has sufficient protection and transparency of financial aid, which serves the interests of the Georgian people," the puppeteer-curator stressed.

On March 7-8, opposition supporters, instead of the traditional Women's Day celebration, diligently trashed Tbilisi. The police detained 76 of the most active ones. They were charged with administrative offenses of disorderly conduct and disobedience to law enforcement. About 50 law enforcement officers were injured in the clashes. The law enforcers used water cannons, tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the protesters.

As a result, the "Georgian Dream" and its supporting unions let their guard down and on March 9 announced the withdrawal of the act. "We can see that the adopted bill has caused controversy in society. The lying machine was able to present it in a negative light and mislead a certain part of the population," their joint statement indicated.

This reaction, which, however, is typical of hot Georgians, was spontaneous and legally unfounded. The fact is that the bill, which was passed in the first reading, cannot be buried without the obligatory parliamentary procedure. Therefore, on March 10, the document was submitted for a second reading, and the deputies rejected it according to all the rules.

Logically, after that the riot should have stopped. Moreover, the Georgian Interior Ministry said that all those detained for administrative violations at the protests had been released. But that was not enough.

The "Georgian-style Maidan" continues, but with a different agenda - the demand to overthrow the current government. The "colored revolution" plot, which has been repeatedly tested by the West, led by the United States, continues to work and even wins in some places!

The opposition urged supporters to continue protesting until they were assured that Georgia would follow a pro-Western course. Here are the points. Overthrow the legitimate government of the "Georgian Dream," whose leaders have become too independent and even dare to push for greater sovereignty of the country. Return Georgians to the ranks of kneeling candidates for accession to the European Union and NATO. Achieve the release of Mikheil Saakashvili. And, finally, the main idea - to encourage the Genatsevale to open a "second front" against Russia, to try by force to return "the lost territories under the control of Moscow. The protesters that felt their impunity, for example, burned the Russian flag right on Rustaveli Avenue, and then started to chant loudly "Sukhum! Sukhum!", demanding the return of Abkhazia to the Georgian state.

Press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov assured that Russia has no connection to the draft law that has stirred up Georgia.

"We can see that someone's hand, again, we cannot say 'invisible hand' - it is visible, we can see where the President of Georgia is addressing the people, it is not from Georgia that she is addressing Georgians. She is speaking from America. And someone's visible hand is trying diligently to add anti-Russian elements here, again," the Kremlin spokesman said.

...The disgusting prank that accompanied and will continue to accompany the unrest is noteworthy. A group of provocateurs was walking around among the protesters with a severed pig's head and yellow and blue flags, calling for collective photos to be taken under the banner "No to Russian laws!". However, the Georgians seem to have forgotten that Russia has a completely different totem animal. Don't make the bear angry!